Naturalness and authentic taste

Gardagelati is a family business that manufactures homemade high quality ice cream. Gardagelati was founded in 2008 by Oscar and Tiziana. They decided to invest into a natural and unsophisticated product. Pushed by the fascination for good tasting ice cream and supported by their uncle Gino and his twenty-year long experience as ice cream maker, Oscar and Tiziana started to manufacture their “made in Italy” ice cream, characterised by an authentic taste and made only with Italian ingredients.

Our ice cream

Gardagelati makes each ice cream flavour individually, as no ice cream base is used. According to the original recipe ice cream is made starting from water, adding sugar, milk and cream and at the end putting the ingredient which gives the flavour: chocolate, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts, fruits and other ingredients. Gardagelati chooses only the finest ingredients, to make a creamy, superb tasting and natural ice cream.

The manufactory

Gardagelati manufactory is in Arco, in the area of Garda Trentino. It covers a surface of 300 square meters which is provided with high technological machines for the production of ice cream.